Go Green with eSigner


Around the world, millions of business and financial transactions daily are being electronically signed, secured, and stored using Orion’s patented, highly secure eSigner software. Moving to entirely electronic processes enables our customers to reap the benefits of reduced paper cost, consumption and waste, all while reducing their environmental impact in their communities.

While the initial users of eSigner were businesses generating dynamic, legally binding contracts that required the irrefutable, tamper proof electronic documents our bullet-proof software patent provided, today, no company wants to be the next news story and security is paramount EVERYWHERE. Orion has made eSigner available for all hospitality documents, anywhere on a property. It provides every esigned transaction the same level of security and unalterability. You save money and protect your guests all using one cost-effctive solution.

As you embark on your electronic signature capture project, Orion can assist across the board. We have paperless expertise and hospitality knowledge, and years of experiencing assisting companies in eliminating the inefficiencies of manual, paper-based processes.



Orion eSigner enables you to use technology to interact with your customers, capture their acknowledgements, and upsell your products and services. Using customer facing devices, tablets and more, your customers can see upgrades, review new products and services, and be engaged more easily. You can also capture guest information, opt in/outs, email, text and other contact information and more to use for future contact.


Orion eSigner has built in support for digital signage.
Use the eSigner software and your chosen device to:
– Advertise
– Brand build
– Influence customer behavior
– Enhance the customer experience

Contact Orion Systems when you are ready to begin your green project or if you have any questions concerning the technology. An Orion expert can answer your questions and take you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful project.