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What can I sign electronically?

eSigner can be used throughout your property to eliminate paper and store signed documents electronically. You can sign: registration cards, folios, payment receipts, sales contracts, ballroom and meeting room rentals, human resource paperwork, spa forms and more.

Anywhere a handwritten signature is used…throughout your property, any paper can be electronically signed and stored. Your forms, your way.

What devices does eSigner support for signing?

Orion eSigner makes it easy to pick the right device for your property. You can choose:
Payment Terminals: Ingenico i480, Equinox L5300, Verifone MX925, Verifone MX870 and more.
Tablets: Android tablets, any model
Tablet PCs: Windows 7, Motion Computing, Win 8 Surface pro
Touchscreen devices: Wacom DTU 1031, Android (any model), ELO Touchscreens, any Windows Touchscreens.

Does eSigner support reward/loyalty or player tracking cards?

Orion eSigner can be used to swipe and read existing loyalty or rewards cards and request the guest’s secure code. In addition, Orion works with player tracking systems, including Aristocrat, so guests can track and use earned points for room and other charges.

Does eSigner support multiple languages?

Orion eSigner can display almost all forms in multiple languages. In some instances, customers display languages side by side, in others, English above, other languages below. Different options are available for different selections. Please speak to your sales associate and they can provide more detail.

How much does eSigner cost?

eSigner pricing depends on a variety of factors, including licenses needed, processes to be electronicized and more. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more details.

Is eSigner available internationally?

Orion currently has installations worldwide, and can assist any property or brand anywhere in the world. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more details. If you are a Micros Opera user in the Asia/Pacific region, please contact your local Micros office for assistance with any of the eSigner products.

Who is Orion Systems?

Orion Systems, Inc. is a privately held company with offices in Boston (Burlington, MA) and Dallas (Plano, TX). We have been in the “paperless” industry for more than twenty years, and run billions of electronic signature and payment transactions yearly for auto rental, hotels, and other leisure and business-oriented travel venues.

Our paperless solutions are flexible, support each unique department within your property from check in to catering using YOUR forms, your way. Our expertise comes from real-world paperless implementations at many different types of properties, including large volume brands, full service resorts, unique, guest-oriented spa properties and economy brands. Orion eSigner: your forms, your way.