eDocs Vault is Orion’s secure storage system designed and developed in accordance with established best practices, PCI and other PII security requirements and worldwide privacy laws. It provides a highly secure, patent protected esigned document repository. eDocs Vault is designed to protect and secure your business critical esigned documents and safeguard your guests’ information.

eDocs Vault

  • Stores ANY and ALL of your business critical documents in a secure, patented format, rendering data unreadable and unusable to cyber criminals.
  • Stores ANY and ALL of your business documents: eliminate paper at your property.
  • Is fully integrated with eSigner for  ease of use and configuration
  • Supports eSigner Apps: Parking forms, liability waivers, pet forms and much more
  • Provides embedded audit trails to verify the originality of the document, along with the action/intent to sign information  all of which provides legal non-repudiation and authenticity verification
  • Offers configuration flexibility  to meet your business needs: premise based, central office based or cloud access
  • Allows authorized users to search, retrieve, view and print for evidentiary needs and chargeback prevention
  • Is easily scalable, add new document search fields, adjust permissions, expand
  • Improves operational efficiency: no more paper chase!
  • Protects your business critical data!

To see some of eSigner featuers and learn more how to get started, please visit our Getting Started page.

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